How (Talent as a Service) Works


Share Vacancy

Simply share with us the job description. An expert will reach out to understand your team culture and needs.


Review Candidates

Within a few days, we will review with you a very short list of highly qualified candidates and help you handpick.


Get Going

Use our TaaS model hassle free; all you have to do is get our Hearts busy and productive.

Our TaaS model
is unique and effective



You provide us with the job description and any relevant information. If you do not have a very clear idea of the exact qualifications you are looking for, then we help you structure the right candidate profile.

DARBUKA searches and qualifies technologists in multiple dimensions (culturally, linguistically, soft skills and technically). We pass on to you candidates whom are highly qualified.

After DARBUKA assesses and vets its Hearts according to your culture and needs, we present you with one ore more highly qualified candidates. You meet with them and approve our recommendation.

DARBUKA signs contracts with its Hearts and protects you from exposure.

You put our Hearts to work exactly like you do with internal employees. The difference is that you do not have to worry about recruiting, administering, payroll, employment liability etc.

Since DARBUKA hold the contracts with its Hearts, DARBUKA is responsible for payroll and administration.

Your contractual agreement is with DARBUKA. This protects you from employment liability and exposure to local laws.

DARBUKA assigns, transfers and conveys to its Partners all rights, titles, and interests in such services and deliverables including all Intellectual Property Rights therein other than DARBUKA’s Background Technology, resulting from services delivered under our Agreement.


We are not a freelancers marketplace

We offer you discipline and longevity by integrating into your team just like internal employees. You certainly get to know our Hearts really well.


We are not a development house

We do not merely work on specific features, invoice you, then walk away. Our Hearts are fully dedicated to you and integrate with your team exactly like internal employees, for a long period of time.


We are not a recruitment agency

We specialize in highly skilled technologists. We assess and qualify our Hearts culturally, linguistically, and technically. We administer our Hearts and cover employment liability, payroll etc...


Our TaaS model fully integrates our Hearts to
your team


1- Share your vacancy with us - attach it to an email to - send it through our site by using the links on the respective pages of each position

Absolutely, we carefully pick candidate(s) for you to meet with. At this point, we would have ensured that all technical qualifications meet your requirements and understand that you want to meet with the candidate(s) to ensure communication and cultural synergy.

Our agreements are short and industry standard. There is no complication to it. When we agree to work together, we sign two documents. At this point, there is no financial commitment.

1- NDA (Mutual Non-Disclosure agreement): to respect and protect each other’s confidentiality…

2- BPO (Business Process Outsourcing Agreement): to outline the rules of engagement and allow DARBUKA to furnish you with Hearts. There is no financial commitment at this point nor any cost incurred. Now that the BPO is signed, DARBUKA can start working on your vacancies and supply you with highly qualified and fitted Hearts.

When you like a Heart and want DARBUKA to assign them to your team, you sign a short and simple SOW (Statement of Work).

3- SOW (Statement of Work): short agreement that clarifies the details of the specific Heart allocation to you; such as: title, duration, and monthly cost. Now, you are committed financially.

Most of our customers like to sign a 5 year partnership contract (BPO) with us, then attach statement of works (SOW) as their vacancies arise and DARBUKA places Hearts as part of the customers' teams. The BPO governs the relationship and defines the rules of engagement, whereas the SOW is specific to the personnel (Heart) you select. This allows us to help you promptly as your needs evolve. Our TaaS orders are usually for 12, 24, or 36 months.

The TaaS model is designed to be simple, headache free, and elastic. We charge a TaaS fee per Heart on a monthly basis. That is it! You do not have to worry about payroll, HR expenses, employment insurance, vacation pay, or recruitment fees...

We do not offer freelance services. Our model is focused on offering you long term, stable, and dedicated talents who fully integrate to your team. Our Hearts become part of your organization and an extension to your workforce just like your full time employees; just without the employment liability exposure. Our TaaS model is the perfect blend between full time employment and the freelance model.