Hire Highly Skilled
Technologists without
Recruiting, Administering,
or Payroll

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TaaS (Talent as a Service)
People and Technology Company

Our TaaS model fully integrates our Hearts into
your team

Our Hearts are unique
and exceptional

Technically highly skilled and experienced

Analytically strong

Linguistically capable

We can be great partners if you are looking for

Long term tenure and loyalty
Our Hearts are fully dedicated to you for one year or multiple years depending on your needs and comfort.
Direct integration to your team
Our Hearts fully integrate into your team from day one, exactly like internal employees.
Highly skilled technologists
Our team is made of highly skilled and experienced technologists with exposure to global and complex projects

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Primitive screening

Pay upfront fee

Employment liability

No performance guarantee

Often over budget and deadline

Discord over requirements changes

No growth in internal talent

No longterm continuity

No loyalty nor continuity

Poor quality control

No growth in internal talent

Always wondering who is on the other side

Protection from employment liabilities

Highly qualified and skilled technologists

Long-term staffing and direct team integration

Controlled and clear budget

A lot of good and kind, fueled with passion, glued with trust and motivated by a great purpose is what DARBUKA is all about!

Sam El-Sayed, CEO

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