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Day at the office

14 Feb 2023

Our Hearts spent a social day at the office. We bonded, played board games, and walked the streets to try some delicious street foods.

Board games day

9 Jan 2023

The cozy Living Room coffee shop hosted us. We brainstormed and caught up. Then we played ‘werewolf’, chess, backgammon, hearts and more…

Kart racing

14 Aug 2022

Racers, start your engines…unfortunately, there is no ‘vroom vroom’ on electric cars! 3 rounds of eliminations and the winners stand tall.

Hosting team Egypt

14 Sep 2022

Team Egypt visited Lebanon for site seeing, shopping, and delicious Shawarmas.
DARBUKA donated 1,200 pairs of socks to wishwear charity.

Paintball war zone

13 Sep 2022

Our survival skills got put to the test… our hearts beating fast… adrenaline rush taking over… green and grey paintballs flying everywhere… Let’s just say we could have lost some Hearts along the way!

Laser tag battle

19 Dec 2022

Let us talk adrenaline rush in a fast paced laser tag game… no need to brag, the scoreboard says it all!

World cup 2022

14 Oct 2022

DARBUKA started the Football World Cup early this year. While some of us clearly took total control of the game, we still celebrated our wins and losses together.

Hiking Falougha

5 Nov 2022

Up we go 2,000 meters high, to hike Mountain Falougha, Lebanon. The hike was challenging and the views were refreshing. Every hike should end with a sizzling charcoal bbq…

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Zack is our balance. He is our reminder to the important principles of life. Zack spreads joy and entertainment around the office and also motivates us to be the best we can be.

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